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Custom Embroidery Services in Redwood City, CA

New Wave GraphiX offers high quality embroidery services for any occasion. Whether your looking for embroidery for you company, club, or embroidery as a gift we are here to help. All you need is an idea and we can take it from there. We can produce your custom embroidery job in house with our state of the art embroidery machines and talented digitizing staff at a competitive price together with a fast turnaround.

We offer embroidery services in house on many products. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Embroidered Polo Shirts and Embroidered Uniforms
    Embroidered Bags
  • Embroidered Totes and Lunch bags
    Embroidered Dress Shirts
  • Embroidered Jackets (including very thick jackets)
    Embroidered Patches
  • Embroidered Blankets
  • Embroidered Hats
    Embroidered Aprons
    Embroidery on Towels
  • Embroidered Shoes (not many in shops do this)
  • Embroidered Backpacks
  • and much more...
Why Choose Us for Custom Embroidery?
At New Wave GraphiX, we take great pride in setting ourselves apart from the competition. Our commitment to excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of our custom embroidery services. Here's why we should be your first choice:
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1. State-of-the-Art Machines for Unparalleled Precision:
Our advanced embroidery machines are not your average equipment. What makes us stand out is our ability to separate each machine, allowing them to run independently. Unlike many other companies where machines run in unison, we can pinpoint the exact placement during embroidery for each item. This precision is especially crucial when dealing with items that have other logos. We ensure that your logo aligns perfectly with any existing logos, resulting in a flawless finish.
2. In-House Digitizing Expertise:
Unlike some companies that outsource digitizing, we handle this essential aspect in-house. Our team of skilled digitizers ensures that every design is transformed into a high-quality embroidery pattern. This hands-on approach guarantees that your embroidery project receives the attention to detail it deserves.
3. Rigorous Quality Control:
Quality is at the heart of what we do. Before starting your embroidery job, we rigorously proof it for sizing and placement. This meticulous process guarantees that you will receive precisely what you expect. We leave no room for error, ensuring that each piece is a work of art.
4. Real-Life Sizing and Placement Verification:
We understand that the true test of any embroidery work is how it appears on a live person. That's why we have a collection of mannequins in our office, including three ladies, two youth, and a men's mannequin. This allows us to check garment placement and sizing in a real-life setting, ensuring that the embroidery size and placement are perfect on an actual person. This is a level of attention to detail that not many companies can offer.
5. Competitive Pricing and Fast Turnaround:

We believe that quality embroidery should be accessible to all, so we offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our work. Additionally, our efficient processes allow us to provide a fast turnaround without sacrificing precision.

If you're in search of custom embroidery services in San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, or the greater Bay Area, we invite you to visit our Redwood City embroidery shop. Explore our wide array of samples and experience firsthand what sets us apart.

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Embroidered Shoes   Embroidered Polos   Embroidered Aprons   Embroidered Hats
Embroidered Jackets   Embroidered Shoes   Embroidered Patches   Embroidered Patches
Embroidered Leather Jackets   Embroidered Backpacks   Embroidered Shoes   Embroidered Shoes

If your looking for custom embroidery services in Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo or greater Bay Area, please feel free to come by our Redwood City embroidery shop to see some of our many samples.
We are conveniently located in the Peninsula at
673 El Camino Real Redwood City, CA. 94063

Have Questions or Ready to Get Started?

Feel free to contact us at 650-520-1537 if you have any questions or are ready to discuss your custom embroidery project. We're here to help you bring your embroidery ideas to life with unmatched precision and quality.